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CTY TNHH Một Thành Viên Vương Khánh Vinh

 When Eastern ceramics tea ware came across Western glass technology
When traditional Oriental culture esthetics meets modern occidental avant-garde simplicity
The style of「New Orient」was emerge at a historic moment

  EILONG Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in Taiwan ceramics old town in 1987. EILONG® just likes a newborn Orient dragon which breaks through Eastern and Western.
Over the years, EILONG® tried to blend modern avant-garde and Chinese esthetics unceasingly, and combine with ceramics and glasses. Creative thinking from ceramic designed to porcelain and glass.

  In the past, EILONG® has undergone three times of transformation by a wide margin, also pursue and break through the possibility of tea ware continuously.
EILONG® has the highly affirmation from industry no matter on design, ergonomics, technical level, production management, and product quality, also has the honor to get a laurel of Taiwan Excellent Award.

「Creativity  Esthetics  Fashion」 are the design advantages of EILONG®
「New Oriental Culture and Originality」 are the taste insistence of EILONG®
「Open your tea life」 is a brand promise of EILONG®
We will broaden your original eyesight of tea ware, and feel stunning and highly praise naturally.
Warming your future tea experience, and open a happiness tea life for this moment.

  Through EILONG®, you can feel the warmth from EILONG® tea ware, and loaded with happiness, share intimate heart.
Through EILONG®, you can have new Oriental life taste…

   In the future, EILONG® will use leading brand of tea ware as pride abidingly, and devote to promote new Oriental tea culture. Enriching our soul and bring us closer.